Décimo Cuarta Escuadrilla

The Fourteenth Squadron of the Aircraft Flotilla is scheduled to be constituted in the year 2025, made up of 6 Airbus NH-90 helicopters, and its main mission is to support the Marine Corps Force, carrying out Insertion of special forces, Helicarrier of personnel and material, Laser designation, Command and Control Helicopter (C&C), Fire support (RWCAS) and medical evacuations (MEDEVAC).

Within Naval Education, the following missions are worth highlighting:

Naval Pilot Course, where the training of new naval air pilots arriving in the Flotilla continues and specific training in the naval field begins.

Previous Hours. Selection of new naval pilots.

Courses in support of EDAN (LSE, HCO, SAV, etc.)

Within the support to Marine Corps ships and units:

Embarked Air Units (UNAEMB) in all those units with air capacity to support the Force in the operations and exercises determined.

Outstanding Air Units (UNADEST) to support the Force throughout the National territory.

Light logistics transport of personnel and material.

Fire support (helicopter escort, convoy escort, fire support for maritime interdiction operations, vessel escort in ship-to-shore movement, ship defense against asymmetric threat [LSF, FIAC], force fire support landing craft, armed reconnaissance, RW-CAS, etc.).

Use as LSF medium for asymmetric defense exercises.

Casualty evacuation (CASEVAC).

Maritime surveillance (RMP and ISR survey).

La Décimo Cuarta Escuadrilla de la Flotilla de Aeronaves, está previsto que sea constituida en el año 2025, formada por 6 helicópteros NH-90, y su misión principal es el apoyo a la Fuerza de Infantería de Marina , efectuando Inserción de fuerzas especiales, Helitransporte de personal y material, Designación láser, Helicóptero de Mando y Control (C&C), Apoyo de fuegos (RWCAS) y evacuaciones médicas (MEDEVAC). 

Dentro de la Enseñanza Naval es de destacar las siguientes misiones:

Dentro del apoyo a los buques y unidades de Infantería de Marina:

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